Court Booking


When booking a court please take into account:

  • The booking window opens 14 days in advance,
  • A member is allowed to make one booking per calendar day,
  • A member is allowed to book a maximum of a 2 hour slot, you need to do this in one go by changing the finish time as you wont be allowed to add another booking for the same day.

Courts are currently block booked based on anticipated demand for social tennis  2pm - 4pm Wednesday and Sunday and 6pm - 8pm Tuesday and Fridays (Fridays social starts on the 15th July) All memebers welcome.

Visitors are welcome please add them to your booking by addiding a participant when booking your court and a £5 visitors fee will be charged per visitor. Please note a visitor is only allowed to attend as a visitor 3 times a year before becoming a member.  Thankyou