Member Organised Mix-ins

Would you like to play doubles with a variety of people?


Our member organised sessions are a great way to join a group to play with and/or find new tennis partners in a friendly and welcoming environment. We have three morning and two evening sessions each week, catering for all levels and ages, so everyone can play enjoyable and competitive social tennis. You will enjoy a good range of games, and the session organisers will help to match you with others of a similar playing standard. In the mixed doubles sessions, there are also opportunities to play men’s and ladies’ doubles. The courts are pre-booked, and the session organisers plan rotas for the week or month ahead to ensure everyone gets to play. You don’t have to come every week; just come when you can.  Most sessions involve pre-booking, please check with the organisers.


Tuesday 7pm–9.30pm

Mixed doubles, all levels.  A good opportunity to meet team players and captains (men, ladies, mixed). Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.  The session is split into early (7-8.15pm) and late (8.15-9.30pm).  Members are welcome to play in either or both. 

Organiser: Patrick Fuller


Wednesday 9am–11am

Mixed doubles, intermediate level. You can play for one or two hours – organised via WhatsApp weekly.

Organisers: Anne-Marie Lomax


Thursday 9am–11am

Ladies doubles, all levels, organised on a monthly rota. Play is usually two sets with a change of opponents after one set.

Organiser: Gill Pletcher


Friday 8am–10am

Mixed doubles vets, all levels. You can play for one hour or two. Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.

Organisers: Iain Messenger and Brian Whittaker


Sunday 5pm–7pm

Mixed doubles, all levels. You can play for one hour or two. Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.

Organiser: Jo Groenenberg


Interested? Please contact to join a group or find out more. We look forward to seeing you!


Session Organisers