Member Organised Mix-ins

Would you like to play doubles with a variety of people?


Our member organised sessions are a great way to join a group to play with and/or find new tennis partners in a friendly and welcoming environment. We have three morning and two evening sessions each week, catering for a range of levels. You will enjoy a good range of games, and the session organisers will help to match you with others of a similar playing standard. In the mixed doubles sessions, there are also opportunities to play men’s and ladies’ doubles. The courts are pre-booked, and the session organisers plan rotas for the week or month ahead to ensure everyone gets to play. You don’t have to come every week; just come when you can.  Most sessions involve pre-booking, please check with the organisers.


Tuesday 7pm–9.30pm

Mixed doubles, improver and above.  A good opportunity to meet team players and captains (men, ladies, mixed). Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.  The session is split into early (7-8.15pm) and late (8.15-9.30pm).  Members are welcome to play in either or both. 

Organiser: Kate Martel


Wednesday 9am–11am

Mixed doubles, intermediate level. You can play for one or two hours – organised via WhatsApp weekly.

Organisers: Anne-Marie Lomax


Thursday 9am–11am

Ladies doubles, all levels, organised on a monthly rota. Play is usually two sets with a change of opponents after one set.

Organiser: Gill Pletcher


Friday 8am–10am

Mixed doubles vets, all levels. You can play for one hour or two. Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.

Organisers: Iain Messenger and Brian Whittaker


Sunday 5pm–7pm

Mixed doubles, all levels. You can play for one hour or two. Organised via WhatsApp on a week-by-week basis.

Organiser: Jo Groenenberg


Interested? Please contact to join a group or find out more. We look forward to seeing you!


Session Organisers