Floodlight League Rules 2023/24

1) The order of play is:
A+C, B+D then A+D, B+C then A+B, C+D
All 1 set with tie-break at 6-6.
2) Your team gets 1 point for each set won.
3) A non-played match will count as a draw.
4) A reserve in your team will lose half a point, a reserve against your team will
give half a point. This does not affect the match result. This does not apply to
re-arranged matches.
5) If there is a tie for the title the team with the least reserves used wins. If still
tied sets, then games difference will decide.
6) If play is stopped for any reason, and the first 2 rounds have been played, that
result will stand and the 4 sets played made up to a 6 set score.
7) Play starts at 6.30pm on Mondays & Thursdays. Please be on time.
8) If you are late games will be given to the opposing pair(s) after a 10 minute
delay. For every 5 minutes or part thereof, after that you will concede a game,
up to a maximum of 6.
If after 30 minutes you do not arrive a reserve will be sought. If you then turn
up, the reserve can decide whether to carry on, or let you step in. You will be
liable to pay their match fee.
If a reserve cannot be found then, if possible, one of the organisers will step in
so that everyone gets a game but your team will concede all sets in which you
would have been involved.
9) Fees should be paid in advance at a cost of £21 for the first 6 matches and £21
for the second half. Cup matches are extra. Reserves will pay £4 per match.
Any refunds will be credited after the first round of matches or at the end of
the Season.
10) If you know when you cannot play then please tell Trina –ONLY Trina by e-
mailing . If you find you cannot play, or are
running late on the day, text or telephone 07484778944.
11) We will play in fog, light rain, wind, snow but not ice. The format may be
changed to complete the match. See rule 6.
12) We will cancel the match if the weather is bad and send out a text message no
later than a hour before the start time.
13) A cancelled match will be re-arranged if at all possible