Enhancement Schedule

Afternoon all (27/7/23),

Further to the last update on the various agreed club " enhancements" please see further update position below;

Agreed Initiative                                   Approx Cost                Implementation date                              Person(s) responsible for delivery

Club Heating - Radiant                      c£1.23k                       In progress for Sept deadline                    Mike T/Martin W

Quote of £2.6k now covered both main clubhouse main room and toilets/changing rooms.

        Option selected to do Communal Area first, (excl kitchen) then assess Changing rooms option at a later date.

Door closers to be fitted to both Changing room entrance doors to help retain heat in cooler months.


Club Insulation                                    c£Nil                       Now not to be implemented (after calcs)   Martin W/Mike T 

Insulation only effective on convention heat, not radiant heat, so not now necessary.

Solar Lights to Pathways/Courts       c£0.5k TBC             To be reviewed further in Oct/Nov               Mike T/Martin W

  Agreed in principle, but to be reviewed further in October (next meeting) in line with finance position check.

CCTV                                                       FOC                        March 2023 - 95% Done - now functional.

1 extra internal camera for Clubhouse may be fitted (TBC at later date)  Enclosure for DVR Box (c£70)   Mike T/Caroline H                                                                                                                                               email went out 12/6/23 to members .                                                                                                                                  

CCTV/GDPR (Policy renewal/ICO)      c£75 Annually       Annually - May and June.                             Mike T    - Done for 2023


Window Replacement (Toilets)            c£2.35k                 Done – installed 21st July 2023                       Martin W.


Wi-Fi Install                                           c£TBC Annually        Annually (If installed)                               Mike T

Deferred to next meeting.


Soffits/Fascias refurb.                           c£1.45k TBC          July 2023 - Done (finished 18/7/23)              Martin W

Court Cleaning                                     c£TBC(major clean) Annually - first in early 2024                   John W (plus Gardener G                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

       NB Cleaning Schedule now in place re regular “weekly” clearance activity using brushes/leaf blowers etc via Coaching staff and members – To help mitigate both possible damage to the courts, and any potential slip risk on courts.


Additional Coaching Shed/paving      c£1.5K TBC             -   to reconsider for 2024                           Nigel R/Danny B               Due to agreement to re-allocation at last Committee meeting of Coaching courts requirement, match practice, and funding priorities, this is now deferred for consideration next year.                                                                                                                      

Defibrillator                                             c£1.1k                             Early August 2023                                    Mike T with   

New Defib to be fitted - option put to Committee and all agreed to this option.                    Judith R for checklist mtce etc Patrick NB. Zoll AED gives 5/7 year warranty  - Mike has purchase order and given to Jon W to sort.        B helping with printing of  manuals


Water Mist Fire Extinguisher               c£90 plus £50 Annually - End July for install.                                 Mike T/Patrick B

"Mtce free" = £90 for extinguisher, incl training and site survey and first check certificate (check & regas every 10 years only - Mtce would have been £30/year) All agreed, and Mike has ordered Extinguisher plus Fire Blanket.


Note; JPB to sort out associated training for Fire Extinguisher, plus FRA process etc to assess viability of SLTC doing own FRA (Fire Risk Assessment)         

Benches and Scorecards (2 No)           c£0.2k   Done.             June 2023   - Scorecards and benches now on courts 5 & 6  Jon W

NOTE; Total Approx cost of above;         c£9k  (Excl annual charges)  -  Tangible Orders totalling c£6k done so far.....

Above subject to a couple of other items as follows;

Strips of Bird deterrent Spikes to top of Floodlights - will need portable "cherry picker" to enable fitment - possible cost TBC - due to height safety issues, preferred option may be to sub contract this out.

Nigel R and Mike T to look at this over the next few weeks.

Paul B has given me some possible companies to take a look at options/costs to improve the car park entrance driveway area – Martin W met chap called Mark Dobson (Paving subbie) on site just before the meeting on 22/7/23 – Quote awaited.

New downpipe to guttering required (existing is totally rotten)    Done 25/7/23 – cost of £75.    Martin W.

Possible requirement for handrail to steps down to Court 4?....Martin W to obtain quotation for consideration.

Further Additional Items from last meeting;

Wind Break – Needs perimeter fence post integrity checks – Nigel R to find out more and advise at next meeting.

Doors to view courts 3&4 – Maybe option to install 2 “half door/windows” opening onto Courts 3&4 – Caroline H to investigate and advise at next Committee meeting.