Committee Meeting Minutes of 22nd July 2023


Meeting minutes

Location:  Club House
Date:  Saturday 22nd July 2023
Attendees:  Martin Winham – Chair, Patrick Bywater (JPB)– Secretary, Jonathan Waters (JW) - Treasurer, Caroline Huft (CH) – Membership Secretary, Judith Read (JR) – Safeguarding Officer, Nigel Glover (NG), Danny Burrell (DB) – Head Coach, Mike Thomas (MT)

Apologies:  received from:  Nigel Registe (NR) – attended from 1:40pm,

Start Time: 12:00pm

Finish Time: 3.50pm


Agenda items

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting (All):  Approved with adjustment to comment from JW on funds available over the season not immediately.  On outstanding points
    1. New Defib was approved and ordered by MT.  Delivery in Q3
    2. FRA to be completed by JPB by the end of July 2023.  Any training for Committee members to be done at the start of the next meeting.  (Update FRA circulated along with these minutes)
    3. Entrance to car park.  Approximately 30sq/m needs to be made good and last.  MW to get quotes and scope work fully.
  2. Safeguarding – JR


  1. Match Practice

It was agreed that match practice would revert to courts 1-4 on Thursdays.  It was acknowledged that some equipment would be left on courts 5/6 prior to 6:30pm on Thursdays to enable the coaches to switch courts efficiently.

It was agreed that potentially one of the courts on Thursday would be a dedicated lady’s practice court to encourage attendance.

It was agreed that team practice is only for players that are part of a team and or who had been specifically invited to practice and is not to be treated as an extension to social tennis.

CH agreed to communicate these points to the captains on the captains group chat.

  1. Enhancement Plan – MW

MW had recently circulated an updated version of the plan and went through the various items at the meeting to establish final agreements/positions on all items, plus any further additional items for consideration.

Following the meeting the enhancement schedule has been updated and has been circulated with the minutes.  This will be published online for the members to be able to view. (Action JPB)



  1. Coaching updates- DB

Db requested to be able to restart a coaching session at 6:30pm on a Tuesday evening.  This is in addition to the 2 courts he has in his contract for this time.  It was noted that in the summer there will be approximately 6 Tuesdays at 6:30pm when only one court will be bookable by members (the other 46 weeks, there would be 3)  It was agreed that this could go ahead.

It was noted that Peter will be taking over the Saturday coaching sessions from Stuart from the beginning of September.

DB also announced that he is investing in branded uniform for coaches to enhance the professionalism of coaches and the club.  This was welcomed as a positive step forward by all the committee.

  1. Finance Update – JW

JW had previously circulated the cash books to the meeting and expressed that funds are tight with the amount that has already been spent on the enhancement schedule along with the loan repayments that are coming up over the next couple of months.

  1. Health and Safety – MW

No incidents or updates

  1. AOB

It was agreed that the August “American” should be replaced with an alternative format.  A “fun” tournament.  Discussion was had about making some players hold hands and others having to carry packets of potatoes.  It was agreed that JPB would contact Libby and Phil to see what they are and are not available for on the rest of the season.

The potential provision of a bike rack is to be looked at over the course of the next few months, subject to finances.

It was suggested that the tournament organizers (Rob, caroline and Patrick) are asked to help plan finals day.  Nigel R agreed to help with this too.


  1. Date of next meeting

    7th October 2023 at 12pm was agreed.

Meeting Closed