Welcome Speeds Farm Tennis Club


Speeds Farm Tennis Club is a community club owned by freeholders of the Speeds Farm housing development in Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells.  

Although the club's court is for the use of playing households in the Speeds Farm development (Little Footway and Great Footway, Langton Green) at the Club's discretion other local residents may be admitted as playing members.

If you do fancy a game, please get in touch!

The club is registered with the Lawn Tennis Association and Kent Tennis.


Following the resurfacing of the court in Autumn 2022, please treat the court with care and do not use anything that may damage or scar the new surface.

Please follow the attached guidance from the surfacing contractor in order to help us preserve the court for everyone to use for as long as possible. 





Court maintenance

The Court is in a quiet, secluded location, sheltered by plenty of trees and bushes, and members value this, especially when they are playing with family members.  Unfortunately the leaves have to be swept and the bramples and nettles cut back from time to time, especially in the Autumn.  The Committee believes that where possible we can and should maintain the court ourselves rather than hire a contractor and incur further cost. Please do therefore cut and sweep before you play, if the court needs it.  Do not use brooms with spiky bristles that will damage the court surface. A hand held blower would be ideal if you have one. Please use the black bin provided for the waste only - not for empty drinks cans etc.   

Where trees bordering the court grow too high, and are our responsibility, we will of course hire a contractor to cut them back.   


How to find us

Speeds Farm Tennis Club
21 Great Footway, Langton Green,
Langton Green,

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