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Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

*Please book the start time of your 60 mins slots above - your booking will show as only the first 30 mins of your 60 mins slot: only way we can alternate slot start times by court on this system. Players must agree to our additional rules below:

It would appear from the updated guidance that we are now allowed to play doubles as well as singles. The committee have therefore amended the new temporary rules which appear below and on the website.

The areas of concern are sanitizing the gate, the lock, the lights cabinet and nets, and social distancing.

These arrangements and how they are working will be generally reviewed from time to time and the committee reserves the right to amend the rules or close the courts again if the system is not working or the rules are not being obeyed.

Use will be at members own risk.

Please also read the LTA guidance to players and latest update.


1. Proper social distancing from anyone who is not a member of your household must be observed at all times. Those playing doubles must try to maintain 2 metres and should agree which player will take shots down the middle of the court.

2. Players must not mix between courts.**

3. The gate handle, lock and lights cabinet (if used) must be sanitized by a member of each playing group on both arrival and departure.

4. Use of the courts will be booked via the booking diary which is on the club website. Bookings for the right-hand court will be on the hour every hour from 8am to 9pm and play will finish at a quarter to the next hour to give time to pack up, leave and lock the court and sanitize as required. Bookings for the left-hand court will be on the half hour from 7.30am to 8.30pm and play will finish at a quarter past the next hour for the reasons set out above.

5. Players will provide their own tennis balls and will ensure that they do not touch the balls being used by players on the adjacent court. Just kick or use the racquet to nudge them back if they cross on to your court.

6. The committee will set and, from time to time, check the nets and players should not adjust them.

7. There will be no access to the shed.

8. There must be no unsupervised children or minors (under 16s) on court.

** Exception: if there are six players or fewer on both courts (e.g. singles on one court, doubles on another), mixing between courts is permitted. Proper social distancing must be observed at all times.