Where are the tennis courts located?  The two tennis courts are located on the Fairground at Mortimer, adjacent to the Community Centre.

When are the tennis courts available?  Generally, the tennis courts are available during daylight hours from 7.00am until 9.00pm (depending on weather conditions). 

When does the Mortimer Tennis Club use the courts?  The Tennis Club sessions are marked off on the booking calendar and matches are also blocked out to avoid double-booking courts.

What facilities are available courtside?  There is a small shelter available by the side of the courts within the tennis enclosure.  Please note that there are no changing facilities and the courts are not floodlit.  There are parking facilities available beside the Community Centre on the Fairground.

Can we hire/rent out tennis equipment from the Parish Council?  No. Players will need to provide their own rackets and balls, etc. unless otherwise advised.

Is there wheelchair access to the courts?  There is one gate into the tennis court compound and a partially paved walkway from the car park by the community centre.  There are several pedestrian entrances onto the Fairground where wheelchair access is possible across grass.

How do I access the tennis courts?  Access is by the PIN issued on confirmation of your booking.  Key in the number on the keypad at the gate.  Please ensure the gate shuts securely behind you.  Exit from the court is by turning the door handle on the courtside of the gate.

How do I make a court booking?  A step by step guide is available here   

Can I pay by cash?  Cash payments are no longer possible.  Payment for court bookings is via credit or debit card only.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my booking?  Yes, if you cancel your booking via the website at least 24hours prior to your chosen slot, the system will automatically generate a refund and the access PIN is cancelled.

Please contact the Parish Council office if you must cancel your booking within 24hours of the start of your confirmed booking.   We can offer you a new booking FREE OF CHARGE further to cross-checking the original booking in the system or offer a refund. 

If I see damage to the courts or anti-social behaviour who should I tell?  If you notice the courts are damaged or unsafe please contact us on 0118 933 1955 so we can investigate and arrange repairs.  Please report any anti-social behaviour to the Parish Clerk.

How do I contact the Parish Council office?  The office is behind the Mortimer Library, at 27 Victoria Road, Mortimer Common, Reading, RG7 3Sh.  The telephone number is 0118 933 1955 and an out-of-office message service is available outside office hours.  You can also contact the Parish Council office through email at either and/or

When is the Parish Council office open?  The office is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am until 5.00pm.