Court Booking Rules for Tennis, Squash and Racketball

• Members may book up to 14 days in advance; Students may book up to 6 days in advance; Juniors may book up to 3 days in advance and Pay and Play Visitors can book up to 5 days in advance. 

• Pay and Play Visitors cannot book courts during peak hours for Tennis, Squash and Racketball – see below for Peak Times

• When booking 14 days prior, the new booking sheet becomes available daily at 7 am (all other booking sheets within 14 days are available 24/7).

• A Maximum of 2 booking periods per member per day for Squash courts and for Tennis can be booked. 

No one may book 2 courts at the same time in their name. The administrator reserves the right to cancel one of these.

• Recognised and accepted Group bookings for multiple courts will be allowed, however, no more than 3 courts can be used for 2 or more booking periods and failure to release unwanted courts with more than 24 hours notice will result in penalties as outlined below for Late Cancellation and No Shows.

• The Member who books the court should select playing partners/opponents to be included on the booking sheet, and pay any guest fee for non members.

• When a Member brings a guest for either Tennis, Squash or Racketball, the booking payment for the guest must be made at the time of the booking. The guest fee is £7 for Squash and Racketball and for Tennis.

• "Pay & Play" Visitors for Tennis, Squash and Racketball can book online and will have to make full payment for the court when making the booking. Court cost is £10 per session Notification of Court Booking

• The person booking the court will receive an automatic e.mail notifying that a Court has been booked. It is suggested that you then notify your playing partner that the booking is confirmed.

• It is worth Members and Visitors checking the Court booking system on a regular basis to see if any previously booked courts have been released and available. Late-Cancellation and No Show policy:

• When unable to play, Members and Visitors should cancel their booking as soon as possible to enable the courts to be used by others.

• There are no cancellation charges for late cancellation of courts for Full Members, but failure by Members to release unwanted courts and any ‘no shows’ will result in an initial warning, with all subsequent breaches resulting in Members being blocked from booking courts for a 1 week period

• For Social Members or Visitors using the Pay and Play option, when a court booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full cost of the court will be charged and no refund given. If, however, the court is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice, there will be a refund available

For tennis bookings, please check on time of booking, and make sure you have pre-purchased light cards should lights be required.