Come and join us for social tennis!

For Full, Students, Young Adults & Improver Members:
Tuesday 6:30-10:00pm - Coach led - Full, Students and Young Adult Members
Thursday 6:30-10:00pm - Coach led- Improver Members  and ull, Students and Young Adult
Saturday 2:00-5:00pm - Coach led -Full, Students and Young Adult Members
Sunday 2:00-5:00pm - Volunteer led - Full, Students, Young Adult  & Improver Member

Our other membership groups sessions will also be organised as before -  please book with your Reps directly;

Midweek (Tue & Thurs 9.30am-12pm)  - Rep: Pauline Alldridge

Intermediate (Wed 10am-12pm & Fri 1-3pm) - Rep -Sara Busfield

Junior (Sunday 12-2pm ) - Rep - Helene Curwen