Dunbar Tennis Club

Easter - Summer  2024


Dunbar Tennis Club is a very friendly and up and coming tennis club located on the coast of Dunbar with 6 available courts. 

We run a great junior and adult programme at Dunbar tennis club with running the junior programme on a Friday afternoon. 

The classes are split into primary school age groups which are colour coded as follows:

Red -  p1, p2 and p3

orange - p4 and p5

Green - P6 and p7

yellow - Highschool 






                   1.00-1.45pm, Red, P1, P2 & P3 - Click here to book your place 

                   1.45-2.45pm, Orange/Green P4 P5,P6 & P7 - Click here to book your place 

                    2.45-3.45pm, Yelllow, Highschool - Click here to book your place