Indoor Tennis - The Dome!

We are unique in this area of Surrey as the Club has an indoor playing  facility - known as the Dome. There are two acrylic, Plexipave, courts covered by the Dome and available for play from October to March every year.  There is an additional, separate membership for this.
Members can book both courts via the Club online booking system. There is also a programme of mix-in sessions for Full and Intermediate members during the week and weekends - daytime and evening.

Dome membership fees are finalised in late August each year . 

Please note that this year there are some unique changes due to COVID-19 implications.  Members check your Dome Newsletter for full details. 

Fees for Dome Tennis in 2021/22 are: 

Full Adult: £249

Intermediate: £249

Off Peak: £181

Ages 26-30: £193

Ages 18-25: £149

Junior: £68

There is a 10% discount for a family with three or more playing members.

For more details please see the

WTLC Information leaflet 2020/21   to view or download

Visitor´s Charges - Indoor

  • Visitor fees are £10.00 per 1½ hour session.
  • No-one may play in the Dome as a visitor on MORE THAN THREE SESSIONS per SEASON.
  • Visitors are permitted ONLY up to 6pm on weekdays and after 5.00pm at weekends.

Club Members please refer to your Dome Newsletter in the OBS Newsletter area (sign-in required)