The Club sees great value of facilitating a range of coaching for its members, both for juniors and seniors. Individual coaching is available all the year round, as is junior group coaching.  For seniors however, the group coaching  tends to be from August to March.  

Details of the club's coaching options are available at


This spring there will be a change with the introduction of a series of free courses aimed to assist beginners and those returning to the sport, and aimed at increasing their skills and confidence.  Particular focus will be on preparing those attending to participate in any of the four Mix-Ins, which take place on Tuesday (am), Wednesday (evening), Saturday (afternoon) and Sunday (morning), every week of the year.


Adult Beginners- Pathway to Mix-Ins

For many members, the club's renowned Mix-Ins are a major part of their tennis and social experience.  The atmosphere is both friendly and competitive, and played with a smile.

A range of playing standards are in evidence at these sessions, where the Club Tennis Manager (Gavin Henderson), or one of his coaches, selects players of similar abilities to play one set at a time (usually doubles games).  Mix-In players are capable of serving consistently, playing ground strokes and volleys reliably, and have a good understanding of tennis rules and etiquette.

This course is specifically aimed to help members achieve Mix-In standard.  Basic tennis etiquette , rules and scoring will feature as well as playing skills.  This is not intended for regular Mix-In players, but should you feel you are currently struggling at Mix-Ins and require more confidence, then you will be welcome.

The course will consist of six one-hour sessions, held weekly at mid-day on Saturdays, where members will be part of a fixed group (maximum of 8). 

The course is offered at no cost for members of the club.