Terms & Conditions

By registering with Worcester Tennis Academy and / or enrolling on one of our courses, you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions, as detailed below.


Terms & Conditions




All course booking requests and/or renewals must be submitted to Worcester Tennis Academy a minimum of two weeks prior to the Monday before the first session (i.e. the start of the week the first lesson will take place in).


In the event that we are unable to accommodate all or part of your request and/or renewal Worcester Tennis Academy will contact you at the earliest opportunity.


If you, or any other person that you have made a booking for, have any medical problem or disability, please tell us on your booking form and outline any provisions that we may need to make to ensure the lesson is as professional as possible. You must also promptly notify us of any deterioration or adverse change in or development of any medical condition or disability. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline the booking or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when we become aware of these details.


Please carefully read your confirmation invoices, emails and all other documents we send you as soon as you receive them.


Contact us immediately if any information appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later.


One to One session bookings are made directly with the Coaches themselves



All applications for block bookings must be paid in full at the time of requesting a block booking. We work on a ‘No payment = No booking’ policy.


We accept the following types of payment: cheque, cash and online payment (when service is available on website).


Online payments (when service is available on website) can be made at www.worcestertennis.co.uk



The tennis course prices quoted on our website and in our flyers are to the best of our knowledge correct at the time of publication.


We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in advertised prices at any time before your course registration is confirmed.


We will advise you of any changes or errors of which we are aware and of the then applicable price at the time of booking.


Please note, changes and errors occasionally occur. You must check the price of your chosen course at the time of booking.


Non-members Fees

All term time courses (with the exception of those at Worcester LTC) will be subject to a non-member fee. These fees will be included in the overall price when booking via the Worcester Tennis Academy website.


Any non-member of Worcester LTC who books a term time course at Worcester LTC will be subject to a temporary "Coaching Membership" membership fee in addition to the costs detailed on the Worcester Tennis Academy website. This fee will be payable directly to the club itself (upon booking a course, the applicant will be contacted directly by the club, for payment). Fees as follows:


  • 1st Course – £12.50
  • 2nd Course – £25.00
  • 3rd Course – Participants will be required to become full members of the Worcester Lawn Tennis Club


Absence & Lateness at Session

The coaching session will always end on the agreed time. Should you arrive late for the session, payment for the session will still be taken and count as a completed session.


If you do not turn up for the agreed session you will be charged full price for the session.


Changes and Cancellations

In the event of an applicant withdrawing from a course (term time or holiday course), refunds will be paid as follows:

  • Withdrawal 8 days or more, in advance of a course commencing: Full refund will be paid
  • Withdrawal 7 days or less, in advance of a course commencing: 75% of course cost will be paid
  • Withdrawal after a course has commenced: No refund will be paid

Occasionally, we have to make changes to and correct errors on the website and/or flyer before and after bookings have been confirmed. Whilst we always endeavour to avoid changes and cancellations, we must reserve the right to do so.


The following changes to booked courses may be made:


  • A change of day
  • a change of starting time

In the event that outdoor sessions are unable to go ahead due to poor weather conditions, sessions will be made up where more than 1 session is lost. i.e. if 2 sessions are lost over the term, 1 session will be added to the end of the course.

Lessons will continue in most acceptable weathers and will only be cancelled in the event of heavy rain, snow, frozen courts etc. Coaches should be called if there are any doubts over the weather.


Courses may be cancelled if there are not adequate numbers enrolled.


It will be at Worcester Tennis Academy’s discretion to award a refund in exceptional or unforeseen circumstances.


All cancellations must be notified in writing outlining the reason, name of the person participating, coach (if applicable), booking date and time.


E-mail: [email protected]


Worcester Tennis Academy reserves the right to cancel or amend a block booking at any time. Whenever this happens, we will give as much notice of these changes as possible.


Damages, Loss and Injury

Damage caused whilst on the grounds is chargeable to the offender(s).


To the extent permitted by law, Worcester Tennis Academy will not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred during play in any weather/ground conditions.


Worcester Tennis Academy accepts no liability for damage to, or loss of, any property or articles or things whatsoever, placed or left on the coaching site by any person or organisation.


Data Protection

Worcester Tennis Academy do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.

Worcester Tennis Academy provides names and contact details of those receiving coaching to relevant venues so membership fees can be sort, if applicable.


Comments and Complaints

Worcester Tennis Academy try to make every effort to give the best available service to their customers. If however you would like to leave a comment or in the event that you feel that you have not received the standard of service you expect from the us, please put your comment (or complaint) in writing to: [email protected]


Every comment (or complaint) will be looked at individually and efforts will be made to reply as soon as possible.


These terms and conditions are at the discretion of Worcester Tennis Academy and are subject to change.