Team News

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Writtle Tennis Club enters competitive teams all year round.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has prevented any match play in the Chelmsford and Brentwood Summer Leagues however it is planned that the Stock Winter League can go ahead this October.

As last winter’s season was cut short in March, Matthew Keeling, the League Organiser, used a set formula to decide the final league positions.  This is how the Writtle teams finished in their divisions.  Great results for Writtle to achieve 3 promotions and many thanks to the team captains and players – well played!

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Team                Div         Captain                           Final Rank          Result

Men’s 1           2              Danial Wilson            4th of 8                 Stay in division

Men’s 2           5              Adrian Barber            4th of 8                 Stay in division

Men’s 3           7              Lee Robinson              2nd of 6                Stay in division

Men’s 4           8              Tom Key                         1st of 4                  Promotion

Ladies 1          4              Victoria Olley             1st of 8                 Promotion

Ladies 2          5              Kiyomi Seed                 5th of 7                Stay in division

Mixed 1          4              Nic Seed                          1st of 7                Promotion

Mixed 2          4              Sue Bell                            6th of 7               Stay in division