Kit Recommendations

Tennis Grips

If your grip is looking dirty and no longer tacky, best thing  to do is to put an Overgrip on. If your grip is coming away you should fully replace  it with an Undergrip. 

Alien Pros sell some really cool overgrips. Click here to see their website

To recieve 15% discount please use the code: ARTennis15


Tennis Trainers

Tennis trainers have a different type of grip compared to running shoes. The outer sole is designed to cope with dynaic movement on certain court surfaces. Tennis Trainers  provide the stability, durability and comfort required to play. You can get a lot of different types of tennis trainers for different surfuces but the best ones to go for are All Court shoes as they can adapt to all courts. It is also important that you look for trainers which have non-marking soles.  

Here are some suggestions of good online shops: Tennis Point, Pro Direct Tennis and Tennis Nuts. 


Tennis Rackets

This is a recomendation for beginner/improver players. 

There are a lot of different brands out there. The main ones to go for are: Babolat, Wilson, Head and Dunlop. 

Children's Rackets

Finding the right racket for your child is about getting the correct size. They should be able to hold the racket by their side with their hand at the end of the grip and the racket should reach their ancle.  Here is a rough guide (may vary due to height of child)

Age 3-4 years - 19 inch racket

Age 5-7 years - 21 inch racket

Age 7-8 years - 23 inch racket 

Age 9-10 years - 25 inch racket 

Age 10-11 years - 26 inch racket

Age 11 + - full size racket 27 inch


One other thing to look out for especially when getting a bigger size racket is to look for a racket where the frame is all 1 piece.  


Adult Rackets

- Head size. You would look to get one with a head size between 97-100 square inches. 

- Weight - you want a racket that is between 260-280g. You could go a bit heavy but no more than 300g unless you are more of an intermediate player who hits the ball with a lot of pace and top spin. 

- Length - full sized racket (27 inches)

- Grip size - go for either grip size 3 or 4 depending on how big your hands are. 

- Frame - make sure the frame is all 1 piece 


The best websites to buy a racket are tennis websites. Alice has a sponsorship deal with Babolat and can get a discount on Babolat rackets from PDH Rackets. Please check out their website here. If you are looking for a beginner racket I have found a good list of beginner rackets here. Speak to Alice about getting a discount or trying out a demo racket. 

Sports direct have some good rackets but a lot that are 2 piece. Make sure you get a racket which the frame is all one piece. If you do buy from sports direct look to buy the more expensive rackets.  Everything under £30 probably won’t be very good.


Racket Swap - Second Hand Childeren's Rackets

The size of your racket depends on the age and the height of the child. It may be that you only use a certain sized racket for a year. Therefore we are offering a racket swap where you can exchange your racket for a bigger size. If you haven’t got a racket to exchange you can buy one for a small cost and exchange it for free when you need a bigger racket.