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Welcome to Abertay Tennis Club, one of the fastest growing sports union clubs at Abertay! 

At Abertay Tennis, our focus is creating unrivalled sporting experiences for our members, whilst also creating a close community - like bond for them. We understand that moving to a university and balancing studies with a new lifestyle can be very challenging for a lot of students, and that is why we feel sport and physical activity plays such an instrumental part in getting the best out of yourself while your here. 

We are an LTA-accreditated venue, meaning you get a free British Tennis membership just for joining up and as part of this membership you are entitled to play any competitions in the UK.

Our commitment to Abertay Sport has seen us support university-wide events; open days; community sport; lecturing and driving performance standards in sport to unprecedented levels at Abertay. This year, our goals are set higher again as we aim to grow the strands of our club membership to make it as lucrative as possible for new and returning students. We are staying at West End Tennis club as a venue, in which we continue to grow our positive community link with them.  We are offering a larger-than-ever social programme, social tennis,  and a variety of different competitve events for our members to get stuck into!  

We take pride in our reputation for providing high quality sport in a fun student environment, and with a committee who aspire for real success in this Academic year, we hope that you consider Abertay tennis as the right club for you. 



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