Parent Testimonials

It has been a process that our entire family cherish for life as Alex managed to install in my son not only the tennis foundation skills needed but the confidence that a tennis player needs in order to believe in himself to progress. He started to compete in Orange ball competitions after 9 competitions he attended he managed to be in 3 finals and win a tournament.

We realised he loves tennis and we need to consider a different pathway for him. We decided to take him to the best tennis Academy in the world which is IMG – Nick Bolletieri (10 no 1 in APT/WTA) to have their coaches assess what level our son is at 9.5 years after a very intensive training programme with Alex.

Their report was very good and our son was praised mostly for his technical skills and correct technique used on the main shots. Of course he needed to improve on fitness, his serve and other areas like every junior, but the base was strongly in the right place which gave us confidence this is something he wants to do. Next year we spent a week at Rafa Nadal’s Academy which he truly enjoyed it and cemented our belief that he will need to take his tennis further. Having been to both of these World class facilities we strongly believe Alex has technically been the best coach we have come across.   Rodica Mother


Alex Harvey who coaches my son Toran Tserkezis who is 9 years old in tennis. He started training our son since the age of 7 years old. Toran, under his training has won a number of Grade 3, 4 and 5 9U tournaments, which he recently won the 9U Surrey Country Championships in August 2019. Alex is an amazing coach who understands our son, who is not the easiest child to train. Alex is brilliant in concentrating on the technical details, which most coaches miss. He also concentrates on developing their mental strength in competitions and in general. We strongly recommend Alex as a tennis coach and generally as an all-round coach of fantastic benefit.  Thanos, Father