Tennis Restringing

I provide a quality restringing service for both members and non members at West Heaton, as well as the wider community. With over 40 years restringing experience, and as a qualified UKRSA restringer, i have extensive experience in which string is best for different players. Whether you are looking for power, control, durability, or spin i have the solition for you. Also, for those with elbow and shoulder issues, using the correct string and tension is paramount to ensuring you can stay on court and hit lots of tennis balls! 

Using the best machine on the market (Wilson Baiardo) and as a qualified and experienced stringer, you are in safe hands! 

Look in the costs section for more details on the type of strings available, the cost, and the reason why strings can make a massive difference not only to your game, but your ability to keep playing.

A full resting costs from £20.

I also regrip racquets (Full and Overgrips), and can do Grommet replacements / bumper strips.