BLTC Club Events

Adult Events and Socials

Welcome to the Club Events page. This page will list the events and competitions to be held throughout the 2022 season. The following events are organised via SPOND app, and you can join our Social Doubles group here: SPOND. Or contact Arlene at [email protected]

Sat 28th May      Roland Garros Social Tournament (13:00)

Sat 11th June      Queens Social Tournament (13:00)                       

Fri 24th June       Midsummer Tournament (19:00)

Sat 23rd July       Strawberries and Cream Tournament (13:00)

Don’t forget that we always have open social doubles play every week on Sundays (14:00), Mondays (18:30), Wednesdays (10:00) and Thursdays (13:00 and 18:30) and all of these social events are organised on the SPOND app. It is a great opportunity for relaxed friendly and to meet fellow players!

The Club Championships will run during August and culminate in the week leading up to 27th August (Finals Day). Entries will be open on this page from 1 July.


Junior Events and Socials

Our Junior events and socials will be posted on Pawel Ewertowski's Coaching Page


1 Aug

Club Championships

Annual Club Championships

  • 6am - 5pm
  • Mon, 01 Aug 2022