Adult Coaching

Welcome to our Adult Coaching Page for Baslow Tennis Club. We pride ourselves on having a very passionate hard working coaching team dedicated to providing Adults of all abilities a pathway to further their tennis skills and integrate them into the club. Below are the Adult coaching courses we run at the club.

Adult daytime sessions 

Midweek morning sessions....we run 45 minute coaching sessions - followed by 45 minutes of open doubles play in organised 4's on a rota basis. This has proved to be very popular with 4-5 groups on Fridays and 1-2 groups on Wednesdays.


Rusty Rackets 

For players who are wanting to get back into tennis. Coaching on the strokes, court positions, tactics and game play. 


Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun fast paced tennis fitness session - designed to beat the bore of the gym by working out to music with a range of fun drills and games. With the use of lower pressurized balls for more hits on the ball and longer rallies, no level is required for this group. It is a great way to get fit, meet new people and get involved with the club. A heart rate monitor is beneficial for this session as the aim is to train in certain zones of fitness.


Family Night Fun & Games

Family Night is a chance for juniors and adults to come and have some fun at the club, let off some steam and socialize. A great way to meet new people at the club and let your hair down. There is no formal coaching involved, just organised fun and games.  


1-1 sessions 

We have a team of coaches dedicated to providing high quality 1-1 coaching for those seeking that little extra help with thier game on an individual basis. For more details and contact information please visit our 'Coaching Team' page by CLICKING HERE 

Contact us 

Please contact Pete if you require any more information about the Coaching Programme or wish to enquire about a FREE taster session.