Cardio Tennis

What exactly is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a session dedicated to getting your body moving with cardio, focusing on burning fat in a fun, exciting and social way. The 45 & 60 minute sessions, mix cardio and tennis, utilising each other to create a more high speed, exciting workout.

Who are the sessions for?

At Bath Tennis Club’s Cardio Tennis sessions, we welcome all abilities, genders, ages and fitness levels to come and participate. We just love that you want to get fit with us so there are variations in each session to accommodate everyone’s needs.

What to expect in a Cardio Tennis Session?

No cardio tennis session will be the same, we will always switch it up for the regulars that come join us here. However, to simplify what to expect, the sessions roughly comprise of the following:

  • 10 minute pre conditioning warm up with dynamic stretching – engaging your body, and switching on all you receptors, readying your muscles and body for action.
  • 15-25 minutes of simple 1-4 shot drills with the Cardio team, making you run and stretch for the balls that are asking you to move - this is the part that works your legs and open the lungs!
  • 10-15 minutes of progressive drills, incorporating a fun competitive element.
  • 5-10 minutes cool down - allowing your body to slow down, rest and prepare for the next challenge!

Why choose cardio tennis?

As cardio tennis may not be an obvious or as well-known workout, it is there for everyone to have a go. We suggest choosing it if you want a varied, fun and exciting way to exercise, also acquiring a skill along the way! In addition, cardio tennis is a really social group workout. Now if that hasn’t sold you already, you’ll burin plenty of calories and in return we will reward you with a loyalty card start at the end to encourage you to earn that free session. We have been running Cardio Tennis sessions for 10+ years and some of the guys have been with us since the start!

What to bring?

For those who play little or no tennis but are interested in coming to the cardio sessions, we have available rackets for you to borrow. Bring a towel, water bottle and a hat (in case it rains or is too sunny all sessions are outside and therefore, depending on weather). Most importantly be ready to enjoy yourself! 😊

How do I book?

Simply follow the link and search for cardio tennis and you’ll see the timetable of sessions available for you to book.

Otherwise, if you have questions then contact Andrew on 07823 321 993 or