This strategy gives mandatory guidance for the conduct of coaching at Bearsted & Thurnham LTC.  It is authorised by the Management Committee.


The club’s aim is to have a coherent system of coaching that provides a progression for children from primary school age up to 18 years old, with coaching also provided for individual adults and team players, regardless of ability or experience.

This will be achieved by:

  • Appointing a Coaching Co-ordinator;
  • Appointing a Junior Representative;
  • Adhering to the LTA recommended system for junior progression (ball colour);
  • Ensuring that coaches work together to aid progression of junior tennis players;
  • Making sure that court time is allocated for coaching to reflect the needs of the members.

Who can be coached?

Any member of the club can request coaching.  This could be as an individual or as part of a squad session.  Please contact the coaches directly (names and numbers on website and board in clubhouse) to arrange this.


  • All non-members will be charged an additional £1 per session;
  • Junior non-members aged 11 or under (still at primary school) may take part in coaching;
  • Junior non-members from the ages of 12 - 18 may take part in a seasonal term of coaching sessions.  After these sessions, they must apply for membership if they wish to continue receiving coaching; 
  • Adult non-members may take part in 6 weeks of coaching.  After these sessions, they must apply for membership if they wish to continue receiving coaching.

Non-members should contact the coaches directly (names and numbers in 'Meet the Coach' section of website) to arrange this.

Responsibilities of the Tennis & Management Committees

  • To give guidance and support to the Coaching Co-ordinator.
  • To be involved in decision making with regard to the coaching strategy and related issues.
  • To ensure that any coaches at the club adhere to the terms of their Agreement.

Responsibilities of the Coaching Co-ordinator

A coaching co-ordinator has been appointed by the Management Committee, to be responsible for the overall co-ordination of coaching at the club. The co-ordinator is to:

  • Ensure that this coaching strategy is adhered to;
  • Be familiar with the coaching systems and practice of the LTA and PTR, seeking professional guidance as required;
  • Hold regular meetings with the club’s coaches;
  • Be a member of the club’s Tennis Committee and report to it on all coaching matters;
  • Provide up to date information for the coaching page of the club’s website;
  • Alongside the Committee, ensure that coaches adhere to the terms of their Agreement.

Responsibilities of the Coach

  • To be a fully licensed or registered member of the LTA or PTR.


  • To be hold a formal LTA or PTR coaching qualification to the level stipulated in the job description;
  • Be in possession of a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and subscribe annually to the Update Service;
  • Hold a valid First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work certificate from a recognised provider;
  • Have public liability insurance up to the value of £5,000,000;
  • To be aware of the club’s safeguarding procedures and policies;
  • To ensure that emergency contact details for all junior members being coached are about their person;
  • To adhere to the terms of the Coaching Agreement;
  • To keep members informed via the club website and noticeboard about arrangements for coaching;
  • To conduct themself in a respectful and responsible manner when playing, coaching or visiting the club; as befits a role model to young children.

Responsibilities of those being Coached

  • To adhere to the club’s dress code;
  • To be respectful to the coach and fellow squad members at all times;
  • To show a level of courtesy to the coach by informing them if they cannot attend a session.

Responsibilities of Parents/Carers

  • To complete an emergency contact form for any child attending coaching sessions;
  • To decide at what age they allow their child to attend tennis coaching unsupervised;
  • To make clear, safe arrangements for the collection of their child;
  • To ensure that their child adheres to the club’s dress code;
  • To support the club with their request for players to behave in a respectful manner;
  • This strategy has been agreed by the Tennis and Management Committees of the club in April 2016.


The Coaching Strategy will be reviewed annually, as part of a Tennis Committee meeting.