Whether you are an existing member or you are thinking of joining, there are inevitably going to be questions you have relating to matters such as guests, court fees, paying for floodlights, court booking, contacting other members, etc. Many answers are available on the website.


Can I bring a guest?

Yes you can.   In 2021 we made the decision to give each adult Member, 3 free guest passes per year.  However, once the Member has used all 3 passes, any future guests will incur a fee of £2.50 for 1 hour or £5.00 for 2 hours, payable using our online court booking system. You may invite an unlimited number of different guests, however, any individual non-member is restricted to only 3 visits per annum. This is to encourage regular guests to join the Club.  Each member is entirely responsible for their guest(s), especially in terms of dress code, court etiquette and general behaviour.

When making a court booking with a guest, for each player:
- click on the 'Add participant' link 
- enter the guest's name (set status to 'Guest' using the dropdown menu) 
- save

To complete the booking, click on the 'Continue booking' button and the total guest fees due will be displayed. You can then confirm and pay by card. Please note payments will automatically be refunded if the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours beforehand.

From March 1st 2023, Guest Passes will not now be issued individually to Members.  However, the principle of 3 free guests per year will continue on a "Honesty" basis.  Members should put their name, the guests name and the date,  on a slip of paper and post it through the letterbox  in the wall to the right of the Club Room door.  (Please note that this information must be filled in and deposited,  before  the guest can play.


Do I have to pay court fees?

No, your membership includes court fees.


Are there floodlights?

Yes, the fee for these is £3.00 per half an hour. Tokens can be purchased in the clubhouse when the bar is open or from the Club Captain, Kim Martin.  Kim can be contacted by Email at or by telephone on  07968 511515.

 Tokens are free for social evenings,  matches, and juniors.

Why do the floodlights sometimes not come on immediately?

If you insert your tokens and the lights do not come on it is usually because the lights have been in use a few minutes earlier and went off just before you arrived. There is a 10-15 minute time frame where the lights will not re-activate, even if tokens are added to the meter. To avoid this you should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your booked time to allow for tokens to be added to the meter and prevent the lights going out from the previous user.  

Is there a practice wall?

Yes, on court 1 we have an excellent practice wall.


Is there a ball machine?

Yes, you will need to contact Mervyn LeRoy on 01622 738234,  to be ‘trained’ how to use the machine, to comply with our health and safety regulations.


Can I book a court?

Yes, courts can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Tournament matches can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance. 


Do I need to bring my own tennis balls?

No, balls are provided and are inside the clubhouse for your use.  Please ensure that these are all returned in their tubes when you have finished playing.


How many keys for the gate can I have?

You will be issued one per Senior membership or one per Family membership on receipt of a £5 refundable  deposit.  Social members and Juniors are not issued with a key.


I have lost my key can I get another one?

Yes you can, however there is a £5.00 fee for replacement keys – these can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.


I want to have some coaching as I haven’t played for a while

Email our Coahing Coordinator Viv Pearson or call 07469 990870 who will be able to assist you.


My son/daughter wants to learn to play

Email our Coahing Coordinator Viv Pearson or call 07469 990870 who will be able to assist you.


I don’t know anyone at the club to play with

We have social tennis on a Wednesday evening (booking needed in the winter) and on Sunday mornings – this is an ideal time to play socially and get to know other club members. Timings are on the website. We will also try to point you towards informal social groups that play regularly during the week.


Is there a joining fee?

Yes, it is currently £25 per adult. No joining fee for children.


Can I pay by instalments?

No, we pride ourselves on being excellent value for money as we are fully run and managed by volunteers.  We ask all our members to pay the fees in full for the next year prior to the 1st March.


How long does it take to join?

The process can usually be completed in less than a week, however as all the committee members are volunteers, and therefore not available all the time, on occasions it may take slightly longer.  We are keen to ensure that the joining process is as quick and painless as possible – once your application form and monies are received you are elected a member and will be notified of this by the Membership Secretary.


Are there any other facilities?

Yes, we have a great clubhouse with a bar and an active social calendar.  As a Club member you will be advised of the social  events by email.


How do I use the card payment machine?

We have credit card machine (white) in the bar so that members can pay for drinks, balls, light tokens and subscription fees. It is very simple to use and the instructions can be downloaded from our downloads page here.


How can I contact other members?

There is a contact list available for members only. But in order to comply with GDPR regulations we cannot display this publicly on the website. If you wish to obtain these details please email our contacts administrator and provide your full name and address details so that we can verify your identity.


Do I need to register on the website?

Yes. Once your membership application is approved you will be invited to register on the website so that you can pay your membership fee online. Registration also enables you to update your login and contact details, book courts, and receive important communications from the club such as renewals, event notices and tournament entries. For Family or Junior Memberships, the ‘main contact’ must register, but other contacts within the same membership can choose not to if they wish. You can register using an email and password or you can use existing login details for the LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Please note, each registered member must have a unique email address.