Back To The 90s - Tennis is a Game for ALL Ages

You may remember that back in April, Brian Burley was our first nonagenarian playing member. Hot on his heels is Ian Chatterton who celebrated his 90th in September. Many years ago, Ian was effectively the founder of the 'Monday Old Boys' regular social 4 at 2pm every week. The custom has continued to this day, with about 14 in the rota and 2 courts now booked every week. In line with modern diversity trends, we are pleased to see that it is no longer the preserve of 'the old' nor 'boys'.

On 26th September we had 14 players on 3 courts and retired to the clubhouse where another dozen friends and family joined us to mark the event. Many thanks to his wife, Carol, and Sue Russell for the catering. David Burton and Alan Wilkins said a few words and the Management Committee kindly awarded Ian (and also Brian) with Honorary Memberships of the Club.

These guys are physical manifestations that tennis is indeed a 'Game for all Ages'. Something I'm sure we would all hop to emulate.

Many Congratulations.

The Management Committee.

PS. If you are wondering what is the special gift being presented by Alan, it is a bottle of Radox - more practical than an ice bath !