2017 Grand Slam Timed Series

Richard Heap finished 2017 off as Grand Slam Timed Tennis Champion.

The 2017 Series was again a great success with lots of new and old players taking part.

The Grand Slam Timed Tennis Series first started out in 2015. 

The format of the events has become very popular with players enjoying playing 7 singles matches over a 2 hour period.

If you have'nt already participated in one of the tournaments you should give it a go in 2018.

2018 Events

Australian Open -   20/1/18      2-4pm

French Open -    10/6/18          2-4pm

US Open -            8/9/18          2-4pm

ATP Finals -     10/11/18            2-4pm

Christmas Finale - 8/12/18      2-4pm

To enter a timed tennis tournament simply book your place using clubspark or contact Ben on 07986277596.