LTA Black History Month

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The LTA Black History Month takes place across the month of October and aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history. This year’s theme is ‘Proud to Be’, inviting Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are proud to be.

As the LTA celebrate Black History Month, Mekaya acknowledges that it is a moment that has become more and more meaningful as she has matured and been able to form her own opinions.

“Black History is not taught in schools and not enough conversations are happening to help with education and knowledge, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist, but to not even acknowledge my own heritage and appreciate how I have come to be is terrible.

“I have been brought up in Slough, surrounded by people of different ethnic backgrounds, playing a sport that has traditionally not been accessible to people “like me”.

“It has taken a while for me to be comfortable in my own skin and to embrace my own culture, sounds really sad, but this is why Black History Month is important to me, it gives me/our society time to celebrate and acknowledge the sacrifices, successes others have experienced. I am a strong believer in “you can’t be, what you can’t see.”

Mekaya Gittens is a leading tennis development coach working hard to support and develop the next generation of tennis players in Berkshire, whilst continuing her father’s legacy of encouraging young people to play sport. 

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The LTA Inclusion Strategy sets out how the LTA will continue to change the culture of tennis in Britain to be more inclusive, which is absolutely central to our Vision of Tennis Opened Up. To find out more about the strategy, please clickhere