The ITF World Tennis Number is here!

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The ITF World Tennis Number is here!

The new, inclusive and modern rating system for all players in Britain will replace the LTA’s current ratings system.

The LTA has played a leading role working with the ITF and other Grand Slam nations to develop the ITF World Tennis Number, which will:

  1. Support and engage players of all abilities to find appropriate matches
  2. For the first time ever, the system will include doubles – with players having a separate Number for both singles and doubles
  3. Be a much more accurate and dynamic system, updating each week to provide a ‘real time’ rating that can be trusted and relied upon

To find out more about how it affects your ratings, click HERE

Interested in finding out more about the ITF World Tennis Number?

Sign up to one of our Parent and Player webinars and join the LTA Competitions Team in going into more detail about the Number.  This 1 hour sessions will provide further information on the ITF World Tennis Number, giving you the chance to learn more about the principles behind the Number, how a player’s Number may change and support you in understanding what your number means.  

October/November 2021 sign up by clicking on the relevant link HERE

ITF World Tennis Number - Venue, Coach & Official Resources

The New ITF World Tennis Number with Keith Carder (Head of Competition)