Tennis Leaders Course

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Tennis Leaders is the first step on the tennis and sport pathway for volunteering and potentially, paid employment. it has been designed to offer a wide range of opportunities to young people, providing them with enhanced skills and experience.

Tennis Leaders is aimed at those 13 years plus; although the content is suitable for older juniors through to adult volunteers.

There are 5 Tennis Leader modules:

  1. Introduction to tennis (3 hours)
  2. Volunteering at your tennis venue (2 hours)
  3. Leading a practice (2 hours)
  4. Helping at your school (2 hours)
  5. Helping at a competition (2 hours)

The course will be FREE to any member attending "Squads".

All attendees will receive a Tennis Leader hoodie.

After the course, participants will be expected volunteer on a weekly basis and during the holiday tennis camps.

To enrol for the course text Jonathan Newton (07970167234); giving your name, email, age, DoB, school, hoodie size (free), Shell bottom size (£40), T-shirt / Leggings sise (£30). Clothing will be ordered on the 1st April.

Tennis for Kids is are FREE sessions for new players aged 8 and under, to be run at Blaydon Tennis Club by Ian Pearson, and will be the first voulunteering experience. Please contact Ian (07852898799) after registering for Tennis Leaders so he can timetable your sessions.

For more information on Tennis for Kids, click here.