Tennis For Kids

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Tennis for Kids is the Lawn Tennis Association's biggest ever grass-roots initiative offering children, aged 4-11, the opportunity to fall in love with tennis, by taking part in a 6 week course delivered by specially trained and enthusiastic coaches.

After its success in 2016 and 2017, Tennis for Kids is returning to Blaydon Tennis Club in 2018! 


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2018 Tennis for Kids Programme


With demand up to this point outstripping supply, the LTA are making three core changes for 2018:


1. Venues can now run as many courses as they want, all year round from April 2018.

This will help reduce or remove waiting lists we have experienced at Blaydon Tennis Club each year.


2. Introduction of a charge for participants.

Whilst in previous years, Tennis for Kids has been free of charge for participants, in 2018 the LTA will be introducing a low cost fee of £25 which equates to just over £4 per week (for the 6 week course).

The majority of the fee will go to the Coach directly, with an opportunity of an increased income compared to previous years.

A small proportion of the fee (£5) will go to the LTA enabling them to:

  • Post to each child a bespoke racket and ball set (RRP £25) and a personalised Tennis for Kids t-shirt with their name or initials on.
  • Deliver quality training to coaches.
  • Help promote the programme nationally.
  • Grow and sustain the programme for the future.


3. Developing follow-on content and opportunities for children to stay in the game.

The LTA will invest in and develop a range of ways to help keep children playing tennis for longer, catering to the increased demand of this extremely popular programme. 


What can you expect?


A 6 week course, delivered by a specially trained qualified LTA Coach

A racket for your child to keep forever!

A personalised Tennis for Kids t-shirt with your child's name or initials on.

An opportunity for parents to get involved.

Discounts and incentives to keep your child playing after the course completes.


For more information contact our Mini's Coach, Ian Pearson (07852898799).