Mixed Singles Handicap Tournament

The tournament will be organised in a "World Cup" basis, with group and knockout stages.

The first round will be the "Group" stage. 'The winner of each group (and possibly, depending upon entries, runners-up) progressing through to the knockout stages of the competition.
All matches the first to 10 Games; margin of 2.

The intention is to have a "plate" knockout for players finishing in the lower group positions.

Players should expect to be scheduled for one match per fortnight; to be arranged for a time convenient for both players.
There will be provision to play matches early / late in order to accommodate injury, illness and other commitments.

Players to provide their own tennis balls.

Entry fee : £5, through this website (AFTER entry confirmed).

Anyone wishing to enter should email and/or text their name, mobile number and email address to / 07816522161.