Court Booking (Refer to notes below)

If you are a Member, please sign in where specified at the top bar on this page.  Please sign in using the login profile you first used when you first became a member so that the Clubspark system can link you to Brabyns Tennis Club as a member. You can then choose when you wish to book a court by choosing the date and time required.

Outside of daylight hours, there will be a cost shown against the booking time which is to cover the cost of the floodlights for the period booked. The payment for this will need to be made via a credit or debit card, or if via the 'Booker' booking app, via for instance Apple Pay. 

If you are a non-member, certain courts are available at specified times for pay and play. The cost is shown for the period being booked. An increased cost is shown outside of daylight hours to cover the cost of floodlights as well as the court cost.

Floodlights will turn on automatically shorlty prior to your booking, and will turn off shortly after the end of your session.

Note for bookings on courts 1 and 2, you will need the pin code supplied to you after making the booking to enter the gate at your specified booking time.