Social and external tournaments

If you would like further details regarding the club's singles ladder and/or doubles box league competitions,  please contact our Head Coach, Mark Beaver, on 07786 386418 or [email protected]





Further information for competitors

  • The responsibility for ensuring that matches are completed up to, and including, the semi-final stages rests entirely with the competitors.


  • A list of phone numbers and email addresses will be attached to the draw sheets.


  • Courts should be booked via the ClubSpark booking system.


  • A staggered draw will apply for the Men’s and Ladies’ singles events, with “A” and “B” competitions if there are sufficient entries. This means that lower rated players will have their own competition and will only play against the higher seeds after progressing through the early rounds.


  • Each match will be the best of three sets. Tiebreak at 6-6 in all three sets.


  • When all players in a match are BTM members the results can be forwarded to the LTA for rating purposes.


  • ‘Play by dates’ will be given on the draw sheets and all matches must be played by the date shown. 


  • Players should contact a member of the tournament committee if difficulties arise and any matches outstanding may result in those players being disqualified.


  • It is therefore in the best interests of all players to share the responsibility of contacting opponent/s and partners (if applicable) as soon as possible so that matches can be played promptly, preventing any backlog.


  • After each match the winner, or member of the winning pair, should put the result on the draw sheet on the notice board.


  • Please try to maximize your availability during the tournament, keeping

evenings and weekends as free as possible.


The tournament committee members are Peter Farrell, ([email protected]) David Summersgill, ([email protected]), Karen Booth, Derek Waterfield and Mark Beaver


Have a successful tournament!!



The handicaps are for doubles play only. They are for each individual player and

come into operation when the player serves.

E.G.  A+B v C+D. Player A is -30 and partnered by B who is +15. They play against

player C who is scratch (0) and player D who is -15.

When player A serves the game starts at -30 v 0.

When player C serves the next game it begins at 0 v 0.

Player B serves the third game from 15 v 0 and player D begins the next service

game at -15 v 0.

This is repeated throughout the set and the match.

+15, -15 and -40 games start on the advantage court (left hand side).