Junior Club Tournament 2018

The  2018 Junior Club Tournament will be held on Sunday  7th October details as follows:-

1.00pm to 3pm for age10&U  and 8&U age groups and between 3pm and 6pm for age 12&U and 16&U age groups.

The cost is £8 per child per event.

Food and refreshments will be provided.

Please note all entrants must apply by text to Simon Whiteman or email to sbw.whiteman@hotmail.com

Good Luck to everyone entering  this tournament 😊


Congratulations to the Winners and Runners-Up of the 2018 club tournament:




Girls 16 & U

Elinor Gilmour

Millie Maddox

Boys 16 & U



Boys 12 & U

Oscar Mitchell

Teddy Lee

Boys 10 & U

Toby Lee

Luca Tugulu

Girls 10 & U



Boys 8 & U

Joey Lee

Ewan Osborne