Floodlights are available for use on courts  1 and 2 up to 21.00 hrs.  This allows for extended play in the early evenings in Spring and Autumn, and anytime when needed in the winter months.

The BTA floodlight system is 'token-based' so that there is no cash available to vandals. You can book a floodlight court in advance.

Tokens are for half hour periods, and cost £2.50 each. This covers the cost of electricity and maintenance. Adults may purchase tokens from Keith Paskins or Sue Gray, one of whom is regularly at the courts. Juniors are expected to play under floodlights in the presence of a member of the coaching staff, who will provide tokens.

The operating box is attached to the right hand side of the distribution pillar, just inside the gate to the courts. The box is fitted with a combination lock. For the combination, please ask any Committee member. The padlock is there to remind you to close the door after use, to protect the controls from the weather - please secure it when you leave the courts. Remember, if it is dark when you arrive at the courts, you may need a torch to see the padlock rollers!

Instructions are inside the door to the operating box and are very straightforward.

During play, if the BLUE strobe light on your court starts to flash, you have FIVE minutes to replenish the token, or the lights will extinguish. It takes approximately five minutes for the lights to cool, ready for re-striking, if you allow them to go off without replenishing the token time. Cooling time starts when the egress lights extinguish, which is five minutes after the main lights go out - be warned!

Presently, the courts/lights are numbered one and two, the nearest to the gate being TWO .


In order to book a court for use under floodlights go to the court booking page.