Calendars for Club Tennis and Social events

Upcoming events:

Sat 22 January - Australian Open themed social afternoon
Sat  2 April - Club Open Day for new members
Sat  9 April - Farrell Cup

Sat 7 May - American Tournament
Sat 28 May - French Open themed socail afternoon
Sat  2 July - Wimbledon themed social afternoon
Sat 23 July - Veterans Finals Day (24 July as reseve day)

Sat 6 Aug - American Tournament
Sat   3 Sept - US Open themed social afternoon
Sat 10 Sept - Club Finals Day (11 Sept as reserve day)
Sat 17 Dec - Mulled Wine Tournament

Detailed calendars are provided below (cick on the name of the calender to see it) so you can add the ones that are relevant to you to your own instance of Google calendar.  You may do this by clicking on on the symbol once you are looking at the calendar view. If you want to see a listing of what's happening next, click on the Agenda tab on the top right of your calendar.

And don't forget, if you can't see everthing you're expecting to see, click on the Look for more link at the bottom of the list.

CLTC Club Calendar - Club social tennis events, competitions and tournaments and AGM

CLTC Social Calendar - Social events including AGM and Wimbledon Ballot


CLTC Fixtures Calendar - Fixtures for all teams

CLTC Ladies A Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Ladies B Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Ladies C Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Men's A Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Men's B Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Men's C Fixtures Calendar

CLTC Mixed A Fixtures Calendar

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