Youth Programme

With a focus on education for life through tennis, Cardiff Met aims to provide innovative and friendly tennis sessions that develop physical and mental skills.


Cardiff Met Tennis will be different to what you may expect. Using coaching approaches informed by research from Cardiff Metropolitan University, we will deliver inclusive and informative lessons, on and off the court, that give you the chance to learn more than just Tennis. Whether you have never picked up a racket or are a further Wimbledon Champion, we have something for you.



Forget standing in line waiting to hit a few balls.  Child development is a complex process within which learning occurs through an active construction of meaning facilitated through physical and social participation.  We learn best by solving problems, therefore Cardiff Met Tennis coaches provide engaging activities for you and your friends. Your group will be split by age and sessions specially designed to suit your individual needs.  Improve your tennis, have fun and learn skills that will help you on and off court.

For information on booking please contact