Court Booking

To play at the Club you must book a court in advance (bookings can be made one week in advance) :

MEMBERS:  Please book below.

NON-MEMBERS: Pay and Play is available by telephoning the club on 01636 636688. Hourly fee £5 per adult and £2.50 per child playing. Please bring your own rackets and tennis balls, wear appropriate clothing and sports shoes.

Can you please book only what you require for a maximum of 2 hours. If you no longer require the booking then please cancel your booking. 

Some key points:

Please reverse park (glare from windscreens can make playing difficult on courts 1/2/3) and for safety of those crossing the carpark


MEMBERS: Red, orange and green tennis balls are available at the entrance of the main clubhouse for your use otherwise please bring your own tennis balls where possible. Tennis balls can be bought at the club (please speak to one of the coaches who can get them for you) see below. 


Yellow tennis balls – Trinity £7 a tube and Tour premise £6 a tube

Green Balls £5.50 a pack

Orange Balls £4 a pack

Red Balls £4 for 3 pack