Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

To play at the Club you must book a court in advance and must be a member of the club to do so.  Can you please book only what you require for a maximum of 2 hours. If you no longer require the booking then please cancel your booking. 

The information below is based on current Goverment guidance surrounding COVID.  

This is for MEMBERS only as we want to make sure all our members have access to the courts as much as possible (if someone isn’t a member and does want to join we can do that via a pro rata. The main clubhouse is also closed and the bottom clubhouse is only to be used for toilet facilities and not for gathering.

Attached is the link to the LTA website which you all need to read before coming upto the club. this will give you a full breakdown of what you can and cannot do. As you will appreciate this is a very unusual situation and is constantly changinh but if everyone uses their common sense and by following with LTA and Government guidelines we can all enjoy playing tennis again. 


Some key points:

Singles - play can be with 1 person from a DIFFERENT household but you must use yur own balls and if you wish to serve then 1 player must serve their game with their balls and then the same for the other player. 

Doubles – ALL players have to be from the SAME household

Keep 2mtrs away from other players at all times – stay on your courts and use closest gates to the court you are playing on. Keep gates open.

Stay on your side of the court – do not change ends

Park away from other cars.

Bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes (there will be some in the bottom club house as well but having your own is the safest).

Wash hands before and after you leave.

Please bring own filled water bottle.

Please avoid using the toilets if at all possible. If you do need to access the toilets please clean all surfaces down with the anti bacterial wipes and cleaning spray before you leave. 

If you are leaving the club and there is no one else there then please lock the gate and wipe down the lock and other contact points with wipes after doing so. 

Please bring your own tennis balls (initialled) no sharing or touch other tennis balls. Tennis Balls can be bought at the club see below and a pen is available to mark your own tennis balls. If someoen elses tennis ball rolls onto the court then you muist pass this back with your foot or racket and do not touch the ball. 

TENNIS BALL prices (This are all in the wooden clubhouse and are brand new, Pleaae take what you need and make a bacs payment to the details on the box) 

Yellow tennis balls – Trinity £7 a tube and Tour premise £6 a tube

Green Balls £5.50 a pack

Orange Balls £4 a pack

Red Balls £4 for 3 pack


When using courts please ensure you arrive on time and not before and if you are early do not exit your vehicle until your court becomes free and the other players have got into their vehicle. Once finished please vacate your court on time or just before and go directly to you vehicle. 


PLEASE NOTE- By booking a court and using the tennis courts you are agreeing that you accept the risk involved at this time.