Committee Meetings

Your committee meet 5 times each year and the current members are:
Chair                      Bob Maskill
Vice- Chair         Keith Stenhouse
Treasurer            Chris Holder
Head Coach      James Harding

Non-exec members:

Dawn Maskill, Brian Cotton, Olivia South, Lindsey Melady, Jo Alcock

Welfare Officer: Laura Hunter

Recent meetings:

Next Meeting  –  Tuesday 30th April 2024 at 7.30pm

Last Meeting  –  Tuesday 19th March 2024 at 7.30pm

Last AGM - AGM on Tuesday 7th November 2023 at 7.30pm - ALL MEMBERS WELCOME

Archived Minutes

Tuesday 17th August 2021 Committee Meeting Minutes 17th August 2021

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 Committee Meeting Minutes 22nd June 2021

Tuesday 16th March 2021 Committee Meeting Minutes 16th March 2021

AGM Tuesday 10th November 2020 AGM-Minutes-2020-1

Tuesday 6th October 2020 Committee Meeting Minutes 6th October 2020 (1)

Tuesday 21st July 2020 Committee Meeting Zoom Minutes 21st July 2020 at 7.30pm

Tuesday 12th May 2020 Committee Meeting Zoom Minutes 12th May 2020 at 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th March 2020 Committee Meeting Minutes 17th March 2020

Tuesday 14th January 2020 Committee Meeting Minutes 14th January 2020

AGM Tuesday 12th November 2019 AGM Minutes 2019

Tuesday 1st October 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes 1st October 2019

Tuesday 9th July 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes 9th July 2019

Tuesday 14th May 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes 14th May 2019

Tuesday 26th March 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes 26th March 2019

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes 22nd January 2019

AGM Tuesday 13th November 2018    AGM – view minutes 2018

Tuesday 11th September 2018   view minutes

Tuesday 19th June 2018            view minutes

Tuesday 7th November 2017             AGM  – view minutes 2017