Frequently Asked Questions

How does the club manage my subscription?
CLTC uses ClubSpark to manage its membership. This is an online platform endorsed and promoted by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). The LTA makes this service available to all member clubs.

How do I set up a ClubSpark account?
If the club hasn’t already sent you an invitation to join ClubSpark, then please email the office. The invitation will provide you with the necessary link for registration.   

How are my details held?
Your details are held on a secure database accessible only to the club. They are not shared with third parties.

How can I pay?
You can pay online or by cheque or cash.
Online payment is via ClubSpark and handled by ClubSpark’s nominee, GoCardless.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please go through the online sign-up process here on CluSpark, and when you arrive at the payment stage, simply select 'pay via cheque'. Cheques will need to be posted through the office door within 48hrs, and please ensure the members name (and parents name if paying for your child) is clearly written on the reverse.

Can I pay by monthly instalments?
Yes, we encourage payment by monthly instalments. 

Can I have a family discount? 
Yes, there are two ways in which families can benefit. The one is by opting for the HOUSEHOLD subscription, and the other is by taking advantage of the 15% discount for more than one member at the same address.