Etiquette and Standards of Behaviour

Cawood Tennis Club is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level. Tennis should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to play the game. This policy is fully supported by the Club Committee.

Tennis etiquette is different from the rules of the game. It covers a broad range of actions and behaviours which are traditionally considered acceptable on and around the tennis court. Here are some actions and behaviours that Cawood Tennis Club recommends to members:

– All members attending Club Sessions should be inclusive and welcoming.
– When playing please wear sports clothing and most importantly non-marking “Tennis Shoes “. This is for two reasons, first, other shoes mark and damage the courts and second, non tennis shoes do not grip the courts as well and can cause accidents and avoidable injury if you were to fall or slip.
– Show respect and courtesy to your opponent(s), your partner, and others on or near the courts. Keep your voice down and confined to your court as much as possible so as not to disrupt players on adjacent courts or neighbours of the club.
– Please do not walk behind players whilst a game or a rally is in progress, this is to avoid distracting other members and most importantly to avoid any potential accidents on court.
– Avoid Bringing food or drink on court except water and sports drinks.
– During Matches or Tournaments Mobile phones must be switched to silent on court.
– Rude and offensive language is not permitted.
– All litter must be removed from the courts and grounds at the end of play and deposited in the appropriate receptacle or taken home with you.
– During Club Play sessions stronger players are expected to adjust their style of play accordingly when playing with or against weaker players.
– All players are expected to always observe the accepted standards of tennis etiquette.