Adult Coaching

ADULTS session on  Monday is going to restart in September 2020


My approach to tennis is to teach you by demonstration as well as using drills and games to learn as you hit.
I will give you  the right amount of information for you. My lessons are given with simple instructions and maximises the time to practice. We will typically concentrate on 1 or 2  aspects of your game per lesson as too much information can be counter productive. If you can and want to do more then that’s what we will do.

I will teach all aspects of the game depending upon your ability and experience including:

  • Forehand and backhand groundshots - topspin, slice and flat
  • How to hold the racquet- all grips in tennis
  • Serving - how and when
  • Volleys- to be more confident at the net
  • Smash-when it's needed
  • Footwork-we all wish for
  • Matchplay-lots of points during lessons
  • Rules of the game-when and what can you do or not do. 

Groups cover the same subjects as individuals as I teach you  when and how  to  hit the tennis ball.
Group lessons are to have fun and practice new learning skills.