Group tennis lessons

On this page you can book group tennis lessons with me.  I am Cezar, a  level 4 LTA tennis coach with experience of coaching young players /intermediate/advanced level who would like to improve their game and be the best they can be in the sport. I can offer lots of experience with techinque as much as tactics on the tennis court to maximise your potential. I strongly believe in "Live ball",  which means you will hit lots of tennis balls with me with a tactical intention,  following if needed, technical intervention to maximise the time on the tennis court.

As per the Lawn Tennis Association and Club / Coach agreement, each class will contain max 8 players plus the tennis coach to maintain a safe distance and follow the Government rules.

IMPORTANT: Tennis lessons will last for 50 minutes to allow change over and avoid group gathering.


COVID-19  as from 14/09/2020 Lockdown rules of 6, Lawn Tennis Association:

  • Organised tennis activity for larger groups, including coached sessions, club nights and competitions is permitted by the Government as an exception to the limit of six, and so can continue, provided that venues, coaching providers and event organisers follow LTA COVID-19 secure guidelines.
  • Lawn Tennis Association statement from 14/09/2020 COVID_19 RULES


Great opportunity to join in the club for the fee of £20 this year and get all these coaching lesson discounts



Stage 1 - For players who just starting the game and are going to learn the basic technique and scoring system

Stage 2 - For players who passed stage 1 and start doing rally, basic serve and know how to play tennis match

Stage 3 - For players who know how to play the game, know all the available shots and are tactically aware of court postion

Stage 4 - Squads-invitation only for players who have made big technical and tactical progress and are going to represent the club in local leagues.