Exciting Times Ahead - Newsletter

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Some of you will be aware from the last AGM that the CTC committee have been working hard looking at the technical and financial feasibility of making some big upgrades to the facilities at our club!

Proposed Developments

We are currently in the process of seeking planning permission for the following:

-- PHASE 1 --

1) New LED floodlights across all courts
As you will know, we have been having issues with the current floodlights over recent years. Our aim is to replace them with more effective and efficient LED lights. This will involve raising the height of the posts slightly so planning permissions is therefore required. As part of this upgrade, and to enable us to apply for some available LTA funding, we will also be introducing a smart-gate system. This will tie into our court booking system and allow easy management of court lighting and access (with PIN entry) and will also allow us to set up a pay and play option for members of the public, (also required for access to the LTA funding).

2) Add a 4th court (junior size) with hitting wall

One of our main goals at the club is to get more juniors into the wonderful game of tennis. We are hoping that with our fantastic new coaching team of Jane and Ross, that goal will become a reality. We are applying for planning permission to add a smaller junior 4th court (beyond court 3) which can be used for junior coaching as well as a practice wall for all members to use whether waiting to go onto court in a weekly session, or to simply practice their ground strokes.

...and perhaps most exciting of all...

-- PHASE 2 --

3) New contemporary clubhouse

As well as the improvements listed above, we are aiming to significantly upgrade our facilities further with a larger, modern clubhouse to replace the existing cabin. The clubhouse would give our members access to a large communal lounge area, a kitchenette, toilets, and changing facilities. You can see a 3D render of how it could look at the top of this email.

Please note: These are early days and the plans are not final. Our current focus is to get planning for the largest clubhouse footprint possible on the plot, budget permitting. Smaller details such as internal spaces/features and wall/door locations can all be easily altered, even after planning has been granted if neccesary. 


Once (hopefully) we have planning permission for all 3 elements above, we will seek approval from the membership via EGM or hopefully AGM to proceed with Phase 1 subject to having secured sufficient funding. Both Phase 1 (LED's and Court 4) and Phase 2 (Clubhouse) are of course dependent on raising sufficient funds.

Subject to the timing of planning consent, our current goal is to deliver court 4 and the new LED lighting in 2021, with the clubhouse planned as a later second phase once we secure enough funding.

We'd love to hear from you...

It's still early days but we are extremely excited to show you a sneak peek of our plans for the future of the club! In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback! If you have any suggestions or concerns, contact [email protected]