About Us

Our Mission

     ‘Chepstow Tennis Club is a community-based, volunteer-operated club with the key aim of providing and maintaining high quality local tennis facilities, programs and tennis solutions for the members and the community that we service'

Chepstow Tennis Club Key Objectives

  • principally to provide facilities for and generally to promote, encourage and facilitate the playing of the Game in the Chepstow area;
  • to provide and maintain Club facilities at Chepstow, and club-owned tennis equipment for the use of its members;
  • to make donations or offer support to schools, charities or community amateur sports clubs that support the principle objective;
  • to provide other ordinary benefits of an amateur sports club as define in Schedule 18 of the Finance Act 2002

Our Members

Chepstow Tennis Club has been attracting members since 1929. Since the early heydays where the club consisted of a group of 12 or so diehards. The club had grown in membership size to around 55 members when it moved to its new facilities on Mathern Road. Since then the club saw a steady growth rate until 2009 where membership had reached just under 100. Between 2009 and 2014 the club grew to a membership base of 135 and over the last 6 years has steadily grown to around 180 + members.

We are always looking for more members to come and join us as we aim to grow our membership to 240+ Active members.