Inclusive Tennis

In line with the LTA/TF vision, ‘tennis must be inclusive and accessible to every kind of community.  CPT is committed to ensuring that our programmes are welcoming of all players, regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, disability, faith and sexual orientation.

CPT offers a range of inclusive tennis opportunities which include:

  • Senior Inclusive Tennis - in partnership with LiveWell Kew we offer a weekly programme for those with depression, dementia or those members of our community who just want an opportunity to get active and be sociable
  • Inclusion and Disability Tennis - we regularly support players with disabilities in their school settings as well as individually through bespoke tennis sessions. We also provide disability competitions at a number of our community venues.

We are always looking to develop our practice to ensure everyone is enabled to access tennis. If you are struggling to find your place, and want us to work with you to access the game, please do get in touch with the team [email protected]