Team Practice (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) Rota

The rota is emailed to all participants by Ros Francis every two months.

To ensure that we always end up with enough people playing, please keep everyone informed of any changes to the rota:

  • Add the dates you are down to play to your calendar/diary straight away!
  • If your availability doesn't change in the meantime, just turn up on the night you are down to play.  The practice starts at 7:30 pm; please bring balls.
  • If you become unavailable to play on any of your sessions send an email as soon as possible to all the addressees of the group mailing, asking if anyone (either male or female) can replace you.  The backslash (\)  in the spreadsheet denotes someone who originally offered availability to play and might still be able to fill in.  The addressee list also includes a few people who were not able to commit in advance but may be able to stand in at short notice.
  • If someone drops out at the last minute don't follow suit too readily; contact all the other players in that session in case someone has arranged for one of their family members to step in.


If you require contact details for any players, please ask the Membership Secretary, Carol Ellison -

The Tuesday and Wednesday evening  practice sessions are organised on a two-month basis by Ros Francis for members who play for the club's teams.  If you play, or are going to play, in one or more of the teams and would like to join the sessions, please contact Ros (via the Membership Secretary) to be included in future rotas and mailings.