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We believe that transparency is important to the success of our club. You are very welcome to read through the details of our history, plans and meeting minutes.

Club History

Cowbridge LTC is the tennis section of Cowbridge & District Athletic Club.The land originally belonged to Mr EH Ebsworth of Llandogh Castle and sport has been played there since at least 1895.

I have seen a ticket for a tennis club ball dated 1904, (Jenny may have this), which suggests there were tennis courts at that time.The Cowbridge & District Athletic Club was formed in 1913 and the land was given in trust as a field for sports.The original grass courts were located alongside the main entrance drive to the Rugby club, with the rugby pitch covering where the tennis courts are today.

When the new Cowbridge bypass was built in the 1960's it cut across the north east corner of the Athletic ground and the corner of the rugby pitch.  The cricket pitch and rugby pitch were moved to the west and the tennis courts removed and relocated to the eastern end of the ground where they are today.

There were 3 hardcourts and a small wooden pavillion which burnt down.  The brick tennis clubhouse was built in 1991. The fourth court and floodlights were added in 1999 and the clubhouse refurbished in 2006.

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