Health and safety protocols for restricted tennis during the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Club Committee hereby gives notice of the following measures we are taking in line with LTA, Tennis Wales and Welsh Government guidelines in order that we may play tennis during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please respect these guidelines and follow them closely to ensure your own safety, that of your opponent and every other member of the club.

  • Before playing you MUST read the LTA/Tennis Wales guidelines at:
  • DO NOT enter or play on the courts if you are in the ‘at risk’ group.  Consult LTA guidance at for more information.  If you have played recently and have displayed symptoms of COVID-19, follow the Government’s ‘test and trace’ guidelines, which can be read at
  • Avoid gathering for any reason before or after a game.  Observe correct social distancing of at least 2 METRES from others AT ALL TIMES in all areas of the club grounds, including the car park.
  • ONLY SINGLES play is permitted, following social distancing and playing guidelines, except doubles can be played between 2 household groups or 4 players from the same household.
  • Please use the online booking system to secure use of a court.
  • COACHING protocols will be circulated separately by Beacons Tennis Academy.
  • Fill your water bottle up at home.  The clubhouse is locked and out-of-bounds /may only be entered by coaches or a member of the club committee.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS before you travel to play and afterwards when you get home and/or use an alcohol gel or wipe.
  • The toilets in the clubhouse are NOT IN USE.
  • Players must have their own supply of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with them to use during play if needed.
  • Observe a strict one-way system, always entering the court via the gate near the clubhouse and always exiting via the gate adjacent to Castle Road.
  • DO NOT touch the gate handles when entering the courts.  Push open and close with your feet.
  • Avoid touching your face AT ALL Times and all physical contact during play if possible with the net and fencing.
  • DO NOT share your racket with another player. Clean and wipe down your rackets before and after play.
  • Place your rackets bags at least 2 METRES from those of other players.
  • DO NOT touch the net, its handle or adjust the height of the net. The nets have been set to the correct height.
  • DO NOT use the floodlights during this period of play to avoid risk of contact.
  • Players should use their OWN BALLS and mark which ones are theirs and only serve with those balls.
  • Players are advised either not to change ends during play or to swap sides at opposite ends of the net.
  • DO NOT shake hands when greeting players or on completing play. Touch your rackets together instead.
  • Leave the court gates unlocked so that other players can enter safely later.
  • If courts are busy or there is a queue of players waiting, please give way if you have been playing for a while.