Restricted tennis - rules

All members and non-members (via Pay & Play) using the courts will be expected to adhere to these rules irrespective of who you play with and when.


  1. Hand sanitisers - Please bring your own sanitiser with you. Additional dispensers have been placed on and around the Club hut as an emergency if you forget.
  2. Hand sanitisation - Please ensure you sanitise your hands before and after you play and at regular intervals if you are playing for any extended time.
  3. Singles - You can play singles with one other household as long as you remain 2 metres apart (Updated 12.03.21).
  4. Doubles - Doubles can be played with one other household (Updated 12.03.21).
  5. End of play - Do not shake hands! A nice racket touch is acceptable.
  6. Social distancing - Always maintain 2 metre distance at all times including when entering and exiting the courts and when changing ends.
  7. Balls - Please use your own marked tennis balls at all times.  Take extra care to ensure you do not touch your face during play after using the balls. We recommend you clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (Updated 17.07.20).
  8. Use of your own balls – When you serve you will be expected to use only your own balls.  The balls owned by other players will be stored safely away for use when they are serving. You will be the only player who will be allowed to touch the balls with your hands. Balls can be transferred from each end of the court by other players using racquets or your feet etc. When you've completed your 'serve' game, please collect the balls and store safely in your bag or container (Updated 17.07.20)
  9. Other courts balls - Do not touch any other balls with your hands but wait for an appropriate gap to retrieve your own balls.
  10. Padlock (located entrance to Court 1) - If you have booked a court, please ensure the padlock is 'locked' when both ENTERING and LEAVING the courts, this will help secure access, also please wipe the padlock on leaving. NB/ When you book a court online you will be given the 4 digit combination to the padlock via the automated court booking confirmation email, PLEASE KEEP THE PADLOCK COMBINATION TO YOURSELF! The committee will be changing the combination on a regular basis (Updated 17.07.20).
  11. Clubhouse – the hut remains closed except for emergencies or to turn on floodlights. Please wipe lights and handles with sanitisation wipes provided.
  12. Court bookings - You cannot play unless you have booked a court via the online Book A Court facility. DO NOT GO TO THE COURTS UNLESS YOU HAVE BOOKED A COURT.
  13. ClubSpark mobile Booker App - Please DO NOT USE the App to book courts at the moment. We're awaiting release of an updated version from ClubSpark shortly, as soon as availble will let members know.
  14. Court allocation - Courts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are now available, court 4 is reserved for coaching sessions.
  15. Booking period - A booking is set for 60 minutes. Play for 45 minutes and leave as soon as you are finished. The extra 15 minutes is a buffer period for cleaning and safe arrival / departure of players ensuring social distancing.
  16. Players only - Only players are to go to the courts – spectators and friends are not permitted. The only exception is where an adult is required to supervise Junior players.
  17. Other activities - No extra-curricular or social activity is allowed at the courts.